Saturday, November 08, 2003

Last night Kent and I went out to Charleroi, PA to check out their 'big' scene. The venue is Charleroi VFW and is booked by Bridgeport Entertainment. They have many signed acts that come through this town so we thought we better check out what they have going. The drive from Pittsburgh was nearly two hours due to traffic on 51S. Once we arrived at the show we saw many high schoolers probably in the range of 150 - 200 people which was a great turnout. The VFW was just an old VFW, no in house stage, lighting or sound equipment. Bridgeport rented an average sound system and that was it. We could hardly see the bands because they were just on the floor in front of us. It was a little disappointing mainly because we had to pay 8 bucks to get in.